The Ambassador Process

The process of recruiting Heroes is a creative one, as it involves using both traditional and non-traditional resources. Ambassadors need a network of established contacts to identify and attract good Heroes. Their resources often include recovery program meetings, community networking events, meetup groups, online sources, and word of mouth networking.

However, an ambassador’s role does not end with the discovery of potential Heroes. Superheroes engage in a number of activities to help sign up potential Heroes:


  • Initial Conversations: Ambassadors are able to conduct initial conversations in an easy, relaxed manner. They share what INH is doing and relay our mission.
  • Candidate Screening: Ambassadors are able to screen potential Heroes to determine they will meet the minimum requirements to be a Hero. Superhero ambassadors move potential heroes through the sign-up process.
  • Reference or Sponsor Check:  After the initial screening, ambassadors may be asked to verify a potential Hero’s reference/ sponsor – a simple process whereby INH insures that someone else involved in the potential Hero’s recovery will confirm their success.

The Ambassador’s recruiting and screening methods may include:

  • Attending meetings and speaking to people who have had success.
  • Listening at meetings to identify potential Heroes.
  • Interviewing potential Heroes.
  • Making recommendations to the INH Foundation.
  • Conversing with Heroes to monitor their successes.
  • Communicating with INH leaders on a regular basis.
  • Staying current on the company’s organization structure and personnel policy.
  • Serving as an INH representative at area meetings, treatment centers, and with addiction specialists.
  • Attending web meetings with James and other INH executives to offer ideas and to discuss activity.

Requirements to Become an Ambassador

  • Must have been a Hero for 12 months and/or have helped 50 Seekers.
  • Overcame a life crisis.
  • Had success for at least 12 months.
  • Have a genuine love for people and for helping them succeed.
  • Have a desire to help others overcome their struggles.
  • To help with addictions: Must have participated in a recovery program currently or in the past, and are willing to share.